How to Replace Ford Windstar Window Glass

by John Johnston

If any damage occurs to the windows in your Ford Windstar it can not only reduce the visibility which the driver has when taking the vehicle on the road, it can also reduce the overall appearance of your Ford. In addition, because the window is already compromised, it's an open invitation that can put your vehicle at risk of theft. To avoid this you should replace any damaged windows on your minivan.

Open up the door of your Windstar which contains the damaged window. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws attached to the door panel. Pull the door panel away from the door frame.

Remove the screws which attach the door handle and the door handle trim. Then remove both of these elements from the door assembly. Pull the water deflector away from the inner door with by hand. Pry it and pull it until it comes free from the door.

Move the window up or down by hand to the position where it is easiest to remove. Use a hex wrench to remove the hex bolts which attach the window to the window regulator.

Pull away the regulator and lift the glass away from the door frame. Wear sturdy gloves and handle the glass gently to prevent it from breaking further. Dispose of it properly in a recycling can or in another appropriate manner.

Place a new glass pane into the door frame. Line up the glass pane with the regulator and secure it in place with the hex bolts. Reattach the remaining parts of the door assembly by following the removal steps in reverse.

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