How to Replace Engine Mounts

by Dan Ferrell
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A broken engine mount may cause severe damage if the rubber body rips apart. Every time you start the engine, shift gears or apply torque to the wheels, the engine twist on its mounts. With excessive movement, the air-cleaner assembly may hit the hood, the radiator fan may rub against the radiator shroud and hoses may twist and get loose. Depending on the model and design, the engine on your vehicle may have three or more mounts. Whether you need to install one or more, follow these simple steps to replace the engine mounts on your car.

Step 1

Park the car in a level and safe place where you can work comfortably.

Step 2

Open the hood and locate the mounts you need to replace. Look closely at the components and clearance around the mounts; mounts are held in place with large, big bolts, and you might have to remove other components to make room for installation.

Step 3

Disconnect the black, negative cable from the battery.

Step 4

Raise your vehicle with a jack and support it safely on jack stands.

Step 5

Using screwdrivers, wrenches or a ratchet and socket, remove any components that might interfere with mount replacement. Keep screws, bolts and other parts organized to make component re-installation easier.

Step 6

Use the jack to support the side of the engine that houses the mount you need to replace. This will prevent you from putting too much stress on the other mounts and possibly causing damage to the engine components. Place the jack as close as possible to the mount's point of support.

Step 7

Look at the mount you need to replace--from every accessible angle, even from underneath the vehicle--and determine the best way to remove the bolts. Some bolts are easier to remove from underneath. Also, depending on the mount assembly, you might have to use a wrench to hold a locking nut at the end of the mount bolt while you remove the bolt.

Step 8

Detach the mount from the body frame and engine block, Apply a light coat of thread-locking compound to the bolts and install the new mount in place. Make sure you replace the bolts in their original location. You might need to use a pry bar to align the mounting holes in the body frame and engine block with those in the mount unit.

Step 9

Repeat Steps 5 through 8 for any other mount you need to replace. Lower the vehicle and connect the black, negative cable to the battery.

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