How to Replace a Motor Mount in a Villager

by Robert Good

A Mercury Villager is a full size minivan with a six-cylinder engine. The motor mount on this engine keeps the engine secured to the frame of the van. When a motor mount is worn or broken, then the engine will vibrate the van and make your ride rough and uncomfortable. You will need mechanics tool and the correct knowledge to remove and replace the motor mounts. Replacing the motor mounts can be done in your driveway but will be time consuming.

Step 1

Raise front of the Villager using a car jack. Lower the Villager onto jack stand to support it as you work.

Step 2

Place the jack under the Villager's oil pan. Remove the bolt on the top of the mount that secures it to the engine using a ratchet set.

Step 3

Raise the engine slightly using a jack. Remove the four bolts that secure the lower end of the mount to the frame. Pull the mount off the frame.

Step 4

Place the new mount onto the frame and replace the mounting bolts. Insert the bolt into the top of the mount securing the mount to the engine.

Step 5

Lower the engine to the frame. Torque all the bolts to the torque specification found in the service manual for that van model and year.

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