How to Install Motor Mounts on a Chevy Blazer

by Rodney Ray
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Changing your motor mounts can save you some money and time at the mechanic. Broken and worn motor mounts can be the cause of a lot of vibrations and possibly cause the engine to flex enough in the drive line to cause serious damage. Most vehicles come equipped with laminated rubber and steel mounts and others are all steel. Most mounts can be replaced with an all steel aftermarket unit, although stronger and and more durable you may notice more engine vibration with the solid steel mounts.

Step 1

Drive the vehicle up on the drive on ramps and secure it. Set the parking brake and place wheel chocks behind both rear wheels. Open the hood of the vehicle and locate the factory installed engine installation brackets. Attach the lift to the bracket and lift the engine just enough to take the weight off the mounts. Do not try to lift the engine up, just support its weight.

Step 2

Look underneath the vehicle to locate the mounts on either side of the engine. The mounts are located behind the exhaust manifolds on both sides of the engine block. Loosen and remove the center bolt connecting the engine mount and the frame mount. Remove the three bolts that hold the engine mount to the engine block and slide the mount up and off of the frame mount.

Step 3

Replace the new mount in the same position as the old mount and replace the three retaining bolts, replace the center bolt and nut then tighten fully. Repeat these steps for the other side if replacing both mounts.

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