What Is an Engine Mount?

by Katina Blue
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An engine mount is just that--it mounts the engine to a vehicle. It keeps the engine from moving or shifting out of place while the vehicle is operating.


An engine mount consists of two attached metal parts with rubber in between. One side of the mount is bolted to the engine while the other is attached to the frame. The rubber in the center absorbs vibrations while allowing a small amount of movement.


The engine mount keeps the engine secured, prevents it from vibrating excessively and ensures that it stays properly connected. It also keeps vibrations from traveling through the frame and other parts of the vehicle.


Engine mounts may malfunction due to the bolts or rubber on the mount being cracked and worn. The symptoms of a faulty mount include excessive shaking or vibration from the engine and thumping noises from under the hood. If symptoms indicate the engine mount is not secure, it should be replaced right away to avoid damage to the engine.

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