How to Install Shocks on a Motorhome

by Eli Laurens

Motorhome shocks are replaced in the same manner as regular truck shocks, as most recreational vehicles are based on large truck designs, using similar hardware. The average backyard mechanic can replace the shocks on a motorhome in about two hours.

Step 1

Turn the lower shock mount nut counterclockwise until it is loose, but do not remove the nut at this time.

Step 2

Remove the upper shock mount bolt by turning it counterclockwise, then sliding it out of the shock's eyelet mount. Some motor homes could have a shock mount plate, which can be removed by turning two vertical screws counterclockwise, then pulling the plate free. Once the top mount is loose, remove the lower mount nut.

Step 3

Slide the shock out of the suspension and replace it with a new unit. Slide the new shock absorber into the top mount, either against the mount plate or between the eyelet mounts. Slide the upper mount bolt into the eyelet and turn the nut clockwise, or turn the plate's screws clockwise until they are snug.

Step 4

Cut the keeper strap on the shock (which keeps the shock absorber from decompressing during shipping and installation), and slide the bottom eyelet onto the mount bolt as it passes by. Secure the mount nut and turn it clockwise until it is tight.

Step 5

Repeat the entire procedure on the remaining shocks.

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