How to Lower a Honda XR80

by Tyson Simmons
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Honda XR80 motorcycles are quite low to the ground with stock settings. However, for various reasons, you may wish to lower the suspension on one of these motorcycles even further. The process is quite simple, and requires only basic tools.

Step 1

Pull the motorcycle to an open, accessible area, and lift the bike onto a jack stand or a center stand. Be sure that the rear tire has all weight off it and can move freely.

Step 2

Locate the rear shock on the motorcycle. Then, use a large screwdriver or a crowbar and a hammer to loosen the tightening bolt on the top of the shock. This will be the lower of the two thin bolts on the top shock mount. Loosen the bolts by placing the crowbar or screwdriver on the squared edge of the bolt, and pounding the bolt loose.

Step 3

Turn the entire shock assembly counter-clockwise simply using your hand. This will create slack in the suspension and cause the seat of the motorcycle to lower.

Step 4

Keep twisting the shock assembly until the motorcycle is at the desired height.

Step 5

Tighten the shock bolts the same way you loosened them. Pound them several times and get them as tight as possible. This will prevent them from coming loose and causing the suspension to sag even lower.

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