How to Replace an Air Filter on a Chevy Express Van 1500

by Johnathan Cronk
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Check the air filter in your Chevy Express Van 150 at each oil change or at each 50,000-mile interval as recommended by Chevrolet. Replace it more frequently if you drive in dirty or sandy areas. Never drive your van without a filter installed, as dirt can easily get into the engine causing damage. The air filter is responsible for filtering out particles within the air that enter the engine. You can purchase a replacement air filter at your local auto part store.

Step 1

Place the van in park and turn the vehicle off by removing the key from the ignition. Let the vehicle sit for half an hour, giving the components ample time to cool.

Step 2

Open the hood of the van and find the air-filter housing near the center of the engine compartment. The housing is a cylindrical, black case.

Step 3

Unhook the clips around the housing and remove the cover by pulling it out of place. Lift the filter out of the housing.

Step 4

Insert a new filter into the housing making sure it fits securely in place. Replace the cover and depress each clip to ensure the case is secure. Close the hood of the van.

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