How to Replace Stratus Motor Mounts

by Robert Good
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Maybe you have damaged your engine mounts, or you are doing some customization to your Stratus engine and need more strength to hold your engine in place when driving it. Engine mounts hold your engine in place while the engine is running. Replacing the engine mounts on your car is a job that can be very costly if you had a pro replace them.

Step 1

Drive the car onto even ground and open the car's hood. Disconnect the battery so that no power is going to any moving parts.

Step 2

Jack the car's front right side up off the ground and place a jack stand under the car's frame at the support rail. Then lower the car onto the jack stand. Do this to the left side of the car, then remove the jack from under the car.

Step 3

Locate the engine mounts on the bottom corners of the engine. Engine mounts are rubber fittings at each corner of the engine block.

Step 4

Place the jack under the engine in the center and jack up the engine slightly to take weight off of the mounts.

Step 5

Remove the bolts from the mounts with pliers and the ratchet set. Remove the mounts from the fixture using a pry bar.

Step 6

Install the new mounts into the fittings on the engine. Place the bolts into the mounts and secure the bolts with pliers and the ratchet set.

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