How to Pull a Honda Civic Engine

by Robert Good
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The Honda Civic comes with a standard four-cylinder engine, which is not a big, heavy engine. This makes the process of pulling (i.e., removing) the engine a little easier. The engine compartment is rather small though, so you are going to have to remove some of the components inside it. When preparing for this job, be sure to set aside 3 hours and have all of the right tools.

Step 1

Raise the front end of the Honda Civic with the jack and rest the the Honda Civic on the jack stands. Open the Honda Civic's Hood.

Step 2

Use the wrench to remove the bolts from the arms that connect the hood to the frame and remove the hood from the Civic. Remove the negative cable from the battery with the screwdriver.

Step 3

Use a wrench to remove the bolts that secure the power steering pump to the frame. Remove the power steering pump. Remove the electric wires from the motor with the screwdriver and the wrench. Remove the bolts on the exhaust manifold with a wrench.

Step 4

Remove the drain plug by pulling the plug out of the bottom of the radiator. Drain the radiator fluid into a 3-gallon bucket and remove the hoses with the wrench. Remove the screws that are holding the radiator in place on the frame with the screwdriver. Remove the bolts and screws securing the fan, tension pulley, and alternator with the wrench and screwdriver; then take out the radiator. Loosen the fuel lines and the intake air supply with the wrench.

Step 5

Remove the bolts that connect the transmission to the engine with a ratchet set. Raise the engine slightly with the jack. Use a wrench to remove the bolts from the motor mount, then pull the motor mounts away from the engine. Use the jack to help you remove the jack stands and place the Honda Civic back on the ground.

Step 6

Move the engine hoist to the front of the Honda Civic. Wrap the chain around the engine and secure the chain in place with the bolts from the engine mounts. Insert the bolt between the chain joint and into the motor mount fittings. Raise the engine out of the Honda Civic.

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