GM 3100 Torque Specifications

by Anne Davis

The 3100, or 3.1-liter, engine is a member of GM's 60-degree V-6 engine family. A manufacturer sets specifications for its components, including torque specifications, which are expressed in pound-feet (lb-ft). To ensure engine stability, engine bolts must be torqued or bolted down to a certain weight specification according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Engine Block

The bolt connecting the crankshaft to the engine block screws to 37 lb-ft of torque. The bolt connecting the cylinder head to the engine block screws to 33 lb-ft of torque. The thrust-plate-to-engine-block bolt screws to 11 lb-ft of torque.


The connecting rod to crankshaft bolt screws to 15 lb-ft of torque. The flywheel and crankshaft attach together with 61 lb-ft of torque. The vibration damper-hub connects to the crankshaft with 76 lb-ft of torque.

Other Specifications

To prevent leaks, screw the bolt connecting the drain plug to the oil pan to 18 lb-ft. The engine mount screws to the transaxle and to the body at 35 lb-ft of torque. The exhaust pipe bolts to the exhaust manifold at 19 lb-ft of torque.

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