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How to Remove the Dipstick Tube for a 2002 Nissan Sentra

by Kyle Sanstrom

The engine oil dipstick tube on a 20002 Nissan Sentra is secured to the engine block with a small bolt to prevent it from shaking loose. The bottom of the tube plugs into the block and allows the dipstick to pass through it into the engine oil. The dipstick tube contains an O-ring at the junction where it meets the block to prevent oil from leaking outside of the crankcase.


Turn off the vehicle’s engine and place the car in park. Apply the emergency brake and open the hood.


Locate the engine oil dipstick tube. It runs through the exhaust manifold on the front of the engine.


Unscrew the exhaust manifold shroud bolts and remove the shroud. Remove the dipstick tube retainer bolt.


Remove the dipstick tube using a pulling and twisting motion. Do not allow the dipstick O-ring to slip off and fall into the crankcase.

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