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How to Replace Motor Mounts for a Ford Explorer

by Robert Good

Ford Explorers are good vehicles for long trips and family outings. Unfortunately, the engine takes on a lot of stress and damage over the life of the vehicle. Motor mounts keep the engine in its place while the engine is running. These have to be replaced from time to time to ensure that the engine runs properly. You can accomplish this job in just a few minutes, and it will save you some money.


Lift the front end of the vehicle with a jack and place jack stands under the vehicle at the support point on both sides. Lower the vehicle onto the stands and remove the jack from underneath the vehicle.


Open the hood and locate the mounts on the engine. Engine mounts are located at the bottom of the engine on the sides where the frame and engine meet.


Place the jack under the engine and bring the jack up to the engine block. Raise the engine up slightly to take weight off the engine mounts.


Spray the mount bolts with WD-40 to help with the removal. Remove the bolts with pliers and a ratchet set.


Remove the mount using a pry bar if the mount is hard to pull out of the fitting.


Install the new mounts into the fixtures. Replace the mounting bolts to the mounts and tighten the bolts with pliers and a ratchet set.

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