Repair Information for a Lincoln Town Car

by Dan Ferrell
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There are several sources you may consult to repair almost anything on your Lincoln Town Car. You can consult a factory workshop manual, an aftermarket service manual (both print and CD media), an online repair information service or a Web auto repair forum for your vehicle model. Better yet, you can use one or a combination of sources for difficult to find repair information.

Locating Information

Print manuals and online auto repair subscription services break down information about the different systems on your Lincoln Town Car so that you can quickly find what you are looking for. You can directly search for information about the suspension, driveline, brake, ignition, exhaust system or components within the system.


If you do not know what system or component might be the cause of a problem in your Town Car, a manual will provide you with a troubleshooting guide. This guide will break down specific symptoms within the different areas of your Lincoln. You can check why the engine backfires, diesels, or is hard to start; the most likely reasons for the excessive fuel consumption or fuel leakage; what to do if your engine is overcooling or overheating; and what to do if the transaxle slips, shifts roughly, makes noise or will not downshift.

Components Specifications

Service manuals provide you with specifications to calibrate, adjust, test or replace the different system components. For example, you will find the specific resistance of the primary and secondary ignition coil for testing purposes, if your particular model is equipped with one; the torque specifications for the control arm pivot bolt or nut in the front suspension, so that you can replace it; the minimum brake disc thickness so that you can replace it when the component wears out; and fuel pump pressure specification to test it and replace if necessary.

Replacing Parts

If you find that the electric fuel pump on your Town Car is not within specifications, for example, the service manual gives you instructions to replace it. It tells you how to relieve the fuel system pressure, remove the fuel tank, disconnect the fuel pump and remove it from the tank. You can even find instructions to remove, disassemble and replace internal engine components, if you want to rebuild it.


Still, if you do not know how to approach a specific problem on your Town Car model, you can register with one or more of the Lincoln forums on the Web. Most of these forums are free. Much of the information exchanged within these Websites is based on personal experience from other Lincoln vehicle owners. Once you post a message describing the problem with your Lincoln, one or more members in the forum will be able to respond and give you specific repair instructions or steer you in the right direction.

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