Honda Accord Fuel Pump Problems

by Jin Machina
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The fuel pump in your Honda Accord pressurizes gasoline and distributes it into the fuel injectors and the engine. Look out for a few symptoms of a failing fuel pump when considering its replacement.

Faulty Fuel Pump and the Engine

Since the fuel pump essentially delivers the fuel to the engine, some of the first signs of a failing fuel pump show through engine operations. For example, if the engine rotates but doesn't start or your Accord boosts in acceleration when you press the gas pedal consistently, the fuel pump may be faulty. Other symptoms include an engine that lopes in idle, or idles unpredictably.

Other Signs

Your Accord's fuel pump may leak fuel around the fuel tank and become noisy while the car is running. If so, must replace your fuel pump.

Replacing the Fuel Pump

Your Honda Accord has an in-line/direct drive-type fuel pump; replace it with an exact match. Also, replace the fuel filter when replacing the fuel pump. Take extreme caution when working on your Accord's fuel system. Do not smoke or allow open flame or sparks near your work area.

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