How to Replace a Fuel Pump in a Mercury Cougar

by Editorial Team

The Mercury Cougar fuel pump is electric so you should check its fuses and relays before inspecting the fuel pump. If your vehicle still has difficulty getting fuel and your tank has fuel, you may need to clean or replace the fuel pump. The Mercury Cougar's variety of styles and trim levels can affect your choice of fuel pump.

Step 1

Select the new fuel pump for your Mercury Cougar. You will not only need to know the make and model, but also the engine size. Models made from 1967 to 1970 were equipped with 289 cubic inch (ci), 302 ci, 351 ci, 390 ci, 427 ci and 428 ci engines. Models built from 1970 to 1973 used 351 ci and 429 ci engines.

Step 2

Look at the next generations of the Mercury Cougar. Models made from 1974 to 1976 used a 351 ci, 400 ci or 460 ci engine. Models manufactured from 1977 to 1979 had 302 ci, 351 ci and 400 ci engines. Engine options for 1980 to 1988 models include a 140 ci, 255 ci, 302 ci, 2.3 L or 3.8 L engine.

Step 3

Examine the most recent versions of the Mercury Cougar. Models made from 1989 to 1997 are equipped with a 3.8 L, 4.6 L or 5.0 L engine. The last generation was made from 1999 and 2002 and came equipped with a 2.0 L Zetec or 2.5 L Duratec engine.

Step 4

Prepare your vehicle for fuel pump servicing. Disconnect the negative battery cable with a socket wrench and relieve the fuel system pressure.

Step 5

Take out the rear seat cushion so you can open the plastic access panel. Remove the fuel pump's electrical connector and the fuel lines.

Step 6

Remove the locking ring from the fuel pump with fuel tank sender wrench D84P-9275-A and take out the fuel pump. Discard the old O-ring seal.

Step 7

Install the new fuel pump using the items included in the kit and be sure to replace the O-ring seal. Tighten the locking ring over the fuel pump and connect the fuel lines and wiring harness connector.

Step 8

Replace the seat and negative battery cable. Start the engine and check for leaks.

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