Signs of Fuel Pump Problems

by Jen DavisUpdated July 11, 2023
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Your fuel pump is an essential part of your vehicle's operating system. It is responsible for moving the fuel out of your gas tank and into your vehicle's engine. If your fuel pump experiences problems or has stopped working, you can expect a number of problems with your car until the pump is repaired or replaced.

Spitting, Sputtering and Stalling

If your car is sputtering as if it is running out of fuel even though you know you have a full tank, your fuel pump may not be working properly. If your fuel pump is working in spurts or not pumping enough fuel to your engine, your engine does not receive fuel in a steady stream. The car behaves as if it is running out of gas, and it may even stall out several times because of the gaps in fuel delivery.

No Fuel Pump Noise

The absence of a particular noise could be a sign of a failed fuel pump. To test this, turn your vehicle's key to the "ON" position, and have another person stand next to your vehicle's gas cap. If the person hears a whining electronic noise, your fuel pump is working. If no such noise is heard, the fuel pump may not be turning on. If there is no distinctive sound, it probably means either your fuel pump is not working or a problem exists in the wiring between your vehicle's ignition and the fuel pump.

Won't Start/Run

If your car has plenty of gas and a functioning battery yet still won't start or run for more than a moment, your fuel pump may be to blame. Without receiving gasoline, your car's engine cannot start or stay running.

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