Symptoms of a Bad Montero Sport Fuel Pump

by Steven Symes
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A Montero Sport’s fuel pump is a vital part of the SUV’s fuel system. The fuel pump literally pumps the gas from the gas tank and into the engine so the gas can be burned to make the vehicle run. A bad fuel pump will obstruct the flow of gasoline to the Montero Sport’s engine, causing issues with the engine's performance. Certain symptoms will point to the fuel pump going bad which will need to be replaced.

Problems Starting

A Montero Sport with a bad fuel pump will have problems starting. A bad fuel pump cannot direct enough gas to the engine for the vehicle to start. The engine will turn over, but that is all that will happen. A bad fuel pump can also cause the Montero Sport to start up, then stall out and need to be restarted with the accelerator depressed to keep the engine going.

Acceleration Problems

Accelerating requires that more gasoline is delivered to the vehicle’s engine, which can be a problem if the fuel pump is going out. If you are driving down the road and push on the accelerator, a Montero Sport with a bad fuel pump may sputter and even stall out as a result. If the vehicle stalls out, the engine will shake violently before finally dying, which is a sure sign not enough fuel is reaching the engine. Climbing hills can cause the same problems as accelerating.

Idling Problems

If your Montero Sport’s fuel pump is going bad, the vehicle will have trouble with idling. While the SUV is sitting at red lights or in a drive-through, notice if the engine’s RPMs are constant or if they fluctuate. The engine can also sound like it is working harder than normal to stay running because of the decreased amount of fuel actually making it to the cylinders.

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