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Symptoms of a Fuel Injection Problem in a Dodge Durango

by Zyon Silket

Several problems can happen with a Dodge Durango that point to bad fuel injectors. All of the issues involve a poorly-running engine because the engine depends on the injectors pushing fuel to the vehicle's combustion chamber. When that action does not happen as it should, the Durango will not run the way it is intended.


A clogged fuel injector can cause engine misfire. Over time, a fuel injector becomes clogged with contaminants being pushed from the gas tank through the injector. According to, an 8 to 10 percent restriction in one fuel injector causes the unburned fuel in the combustion chamber to enter the exhaust, causing the oxygen senor to think the engine is running lean. The sensor recalibrates the computer and causes the engine to misfire.


Bad injectors can cause a Durango to stall. Typically, this happens when additional load is placed on the engine by putting the vehicle into gear. Damaged injectors do not push enough fuel into the engine to keep it running. The result is a stalled engine. At first, this will happen when you first start the engine. Because the engine is cold, it needs more fuel to run. Over time, the Durango will stall even when the engine is hot. The engine will also experience rough idling before stalling.

Loss of Power

It is common for a vehicle with bad injectors to lose power or the ability to smoothly accelerate, especially on hills. Whether the injector is clogged or damaged, adequate gas is not pushed to the engine, causing the engine to run lean. This reduces horsepower and causes a loss in power. Throttle response is also diminished.

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