Problems of Ford 6.4 Liter Diesel Injectors

by Horacio Garcia
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The Ford Motor Company has published technical service bulletins concerning problems with the 6.4L diesel injectors. No recalls are reported for these injector problems and the TSBs also concern problems that damage the injectors. The injectors blow or push fuel into the cylinders to provide power to the engine.

Calibration Update

The Ford 6.4L diesel engine has a TSB published concerning a calibration update required on engines built before August 3, 2007. This calibration update is required to correct the injector problems some Ford owners experience. The 6.4L diesel injectors can cause the engine to misfire, hesitate and stall during normal driving conditions.

Injector O-Rings

A TSB has been published on the Ford 6.4L diesel injectors concerning the premature wear of the injector O-rings. The O-rings prevent diesel fuel from leaking out of the fuel system and into the crankcase. This leaking into the crankcase creates oil levels to rise and damages the engine.

Fuel Tank Problems

The protective lining inside the fuel tank can chip off inside the tank and get into the fuel line and Ford 6.4L injectors. This foreign debris clogs up the injectors, preventing diesel fuel to flow freely into the cylinders. The debris also damages the injectors to the point of causing them to fail.

Injector Circuit Problems

The injector circuit on the Ford 6.4L diesel engine may remain open, creating engine problems. No specific reason for this open circuit problem is stated by the TSB published by the manufacturer. The TSB does state that the engine will misfire, idle roughly and lose power. Replacing the injector circuit is the only correction for this injector problem.

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