Specifications of Ford 4.2L Engines

by Andrew Cohen
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Ford Motor Company produced its first engine in 1903. In 2010, Ford is the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Its 4.2-liter engine is featured in many of the truck models Ford produced in 2010.

Engine Specifications

The Ford 4.2-liter engine is a 256-cubic-inch, six-cylinder engine. This engine's cylinder bore had a diameter of 3.81 inches and a piston stroke length of 3.74 inches. The Ford 4.2-liter engine is not turbocharged.

Performance Specification

The Ford 4.2-liter engine can produce a maximum of 202 horsepower at 5,200 rpm. This engine's torque rating is 252 pound-feet at 3,400 rpm.

Other Specifications

The 4.2-liter Ford engine has a compression ratio of 9.2:1. The recommended fuel for this engine is unleaded 87-octane gasoline. This engine's fuel system is a sequential electronic fuel-injection system.

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