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Specifications of Ford 4.2L Engines

by Andrew Cohen

Ford Motor Company produced its first engine in 1903. In 2010, Ford is the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Its 4.2-liter engine is featured in many of the truck models Ford produced in 2010.

Engine Specifications

The Ford 4.2-liter engine is a 256-cubic-inch, six-cylinder engine. This engine's cylinder bore had a diameter of 3.81 inches and a piston stroke length of 3.74 inches. The Ford 4.2-liter engine is not turbocharged.

Performance Specification

The Ford 4.2-liter engine can produce a maximum of 202 horsepower at 5,200 rpm. This engine's torque rating is 252 pound-feet at 3,400 rpm.

Other Specifications

The 4.2-liter Ford engine has a compression ratio of 9.2:1. The recommended fuel for this engine is unleaded 87-octane gasoline. This engine's fuel system is a sequential electronic fuel-injection system.

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