GM 350 Intake Manifold Bolts Torque Specifications

by Anne Davis

The 350 is a member of Chevrolet's small block engine family. First built in 1967, this 5.7-liter engine is featured in such vehicles as the Chevrolet Camaro and Nova. Throughout its life, the 350 has had numerous models identified by letter combinations such as L-48 and LT-1. Regardless of the model, the intake manifold has the same torque specifications.

Intake Manifold

In an internal combustion engine, the intake manifold supplies a mixture of air and fuel to the cylinders. An even distribution of this mixture ensures the engine can operate at peak efficiency. Typically, the intake manifold is constructed from aluminum or cast iron.

Intake Manifold to Cylinder Head

In the GM 350-cubic-inch engine, the intake manifold bolts to the cylinder head with 33 foot-pounds of torque. The intake manifold supplies this engine's eight cylinders.

Other Specifications

The engine's temperature sensor attaches to the intake manifold with 20 foot-pounds of torque. The thermostat's housing and intake manifold join with 30 foot-pounds of torque.

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