Fuel Pump Check Valve Symptoms in a Mitsubishi Eclipse

by Horacio Garcia
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The Mitsubishi Eclipse fuel pump utilizes two check valves to control fuel pressure and correct fuel flow through the gas lines. Different recalls on the Eclipse affect the operation fuel pump check valve. Once the fuel pump check valves begin to have problems, different symptoms develop in the performance of the Eclipse engine.

Acceleration Hesitation

A symptom of a faulty fuel pump check valve in a Mitsubishi Eclipse is when the engine hesitates during acceleration. The Eclipse operator gently presses the accelerator pedal and the engine hesitates before catching and speeding up the vehicle. This hesitation is caused by the fuel pump check valve not opening and closing properly.

Engine Misfire

The Mitsubishi Eclipse engine misfiring is a sure symptom of a faulty fuel pump check valve. Fuel or gasoline is not being sent to the cylinders or not enough fuel is being sent to the cylinders so the firing sequence is interrupted. A recall on the 2004 Eclipse concerning the fuel line hose fitting is affecting the performance of the input check valve on the fuel pump and creating this problem.

Engine Stalling

A Mitsubishi Eclipse engine will begin to stall during engine idle once a fuel pump check valve goes bad or quits working. The stalling is a symptom of a check valve not working properly or failing completely. The input or output check valve is remaining closed and only opens once enough fuel pressure is built up behind the check valve pushing it open. This excessive pressure pushes more gasoline into the cylinders causing the engine to stall.

Engine Does Not Start

A symptom of a bad fuel pump check valve is when the Mitsubishi Eclipse engine does not start. The Eclipse engine does turn over, but acts as though the automobile is out of gas. The operator can continue to attempt to start the Eclipse and once enough fuel pressure is built up in the line, the engine will catch and start. This symptom is a sure sign that the check valve is faulty.

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