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How to Clean an IAC Valve in a Dodge Dakota

by Johnathan Cronk

The Dodge Dakota is equipped with an idle control valve. Commonly referred to as the IAC valve, this component controls the Dakota’s idle speed by allowing a certain amount of air to bypass the throttle plate. Throughout the life of the vehicle, the valve can become clogged and dirty, which causes the vehicle to run poorly. Clean the IAC valve regularly to ensure the Dakota runs properly and efficiently.

Allow the Dodge Dakota to cool for a half hour. Be sure to place the vehicle in “Park” and remove the ignition key.

Open the hood of the Dodge Dakota and locate the IAC valve. The IAC valve is a cylinder-shaped valve about four inches long, and is found on the throttle body.

Disconnect the IAC valve harness by pulling it out of the valve. Notice the two bolts securing the valve to the valve mount; use a socket wrench to loosen and remove each bolt. The valve is now loose enough to remove.

Remove the IAC valve from the valve mount by pulling it directly off. Force may be required if there is excessive buildup around the valve or on the valve mount.

Spray throttle body cleaner into the IAC valve and also on the valve mount. Clean the valve and valve mount with a wire brush and rag until all carbon buildup and debris is gone.

Reinstall the newly cleaned IAC valve onto the valve mount. Replace each bolt back into place; tighten and secure the bolts using the socket wrench. Plug the harness back into the valve. Close the hood of the Dodge Dakota and repeat this process anytime the IAC valve needs to be cleaned.

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