Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump in Snowmobiles

by Neal Litherland
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A fuel pump is an important item in any automotive vehicle, from pickup trucks to snowmobiles. If the fuel pump begins to fail, you must replace it; without it, your fuel won't get to the engine and the vehicle won't run. Fortunately you can heed some warning signs that your fuel pump is going bad.

Loss of Power

Whenever you experience a loss of power, especially at a high speed or when you're climbing a hill, the problem typically occurs within the fuel system -- often something other than the fuel pump. However, if you're intermittently losing power while running your snowmobile and you can determine that the problem isn't occurring with the fuel filter, your fuel pump is likely starting to go out. Replace it post haste.

Cranking Engine

When you try to start your snowmobile and the engine cranks but won't start, or it turns over but won't start, you may have a bad fuel pump. If your engine has trouble starting, check the spark plugs and the timing belt as well to ensure that you don't have an easier fix than you thought. If those items are in working order, replace the fuel pump.

Lose Power Going From Stop

When you apply the accelerator to drive away from a dead stop, your fuel pump must deliver fuel to the engine so you can drive off. If your fuel pump is going bad, your engine will stutter because the pump won't get the fuel to the accelerating motor; in this case, you'll go for a moment, stop and then take off again. This scenario could also point toa bad oxygen sensor; if not, the problem likely lies with your fuel pump.

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