Problems With an Evinrude E-TEC Outboard

by Erick Kristian
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The Evinrude E-Tec outboard motor is one of the most reliable models of outboard motors on the market. The manufacturer, Bombardier, claims that the engine can run for over 300 hours without maintenance. Still, to avoid problems it is best to service the engine according to the owner's manual. This will help eliminate problems before they occur.

Failure to Start

There are a variety of reasons why an Evinrude E-Tec outboard motor may fail to start. First check the fuel and oil levels. Change the oil and add fresh fuel. Set the idle speed to "high," as low idle speeds may not be enough to get the engine going. Open the fuel cap vent and prime the engine. The engine may also be wet; open the engine cover and let the engine dry off.

Engine Dies

If the engine suddenly dies while driving, it is likely an issue with the fuel pump. An engine dying occurs when the engine is running normally but then it suddenly stops working without any indication. The fuel pump works to pump gas into the engine when it needs it. If the pump breaks, then the engine will not receive fuel and it will cut off. Another problem may be with the injector; a mechanic will have to service this component. Put your ear next to the injector; if it is clicking then the injector is working. Check to make sure there are no kinks in the fuel line hose and that nothing is caught in the propeller.

Poor Performance

If the engine is performing poorly, the issue may also be with the fuel pump. Poor performance is characterized by the engine not performing its best; i.e. running slow or sluggish. The fuel pump may be functioning at limited capacity. If the pump is not delivering a consistent flow of fuel, then the engine may have sporadic performance. Check the air filter and fuel filter. If one of these is clogged, then the engine will not perform its best.


Excess noise can be caused by a faulty exhaust system or loose components. Check to see if the engine is rattling. Examine all the connections on the engine, and all the screws and bolts to sure they are tight. Look over the exhaust system for noise coming from the exhaust or elsewhere in the engine.

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