How to Get More D15b7 Horsepower

by Scott Eilers

The D15B7 engine was produced and designed by Honda from 1992 to 1995. It was used in the Honda Civic DX and the Honda Civic LX during that time period. The D15B7 has a dedicated aftermarket community to this day, and is frequently used in engine swaps for other Honda vehicles. Without modifications the D15B7 produces 102 horsepower and 95 pound-feet of torque. These numbers can be increased by swapping several of the factory engine components with performance aftermarket products.

Step 1

Increase the flow of air into the engine. Replacing the air intake system on the D15B7 with a performance aftermarket intake system is one of the simplest way to accomplish this. Replacing the air intake can typically be accomplished in under an hour, and performance aftermarket air intake systems can be had for as little as $150. This installation typically results in an increase of roughly 15 horsepower. Another way to get more air into the engine is to install a forced air induction kit. This is a much more involved installation that requires major modifications to the engine and should only be performed by experts, but it can more than double the horsepower of your Civic.

Step 2

Increase the flow of air out of the engine. Two components affect the amount of air leaving the engine; the exhaust and the headers. Replacing one of both of these components with performance aftermarket parts will allow your Civic to expel hot air more quickly, which increases horsepower. Replacing the exhaust system requires prlonged access to the underside of the vehicle, which is mostly easily accomplished with a hydraulic automotive lift, but can also be accomplished with a jack, jack stands and tire chocks. Replacing the headers involves lifting the D15B7 slightly out of the engine bay, which requires the use of an engine hoist or similar device.

Step 3

Increase the amount of fuel flowing into the engine. The D15B7 uses an electronic fuel injection system to control the flow of fuel into the engine cylinders, and the functioning of this fuel injection system is controlled by an onboard computer. The performance of this computer can be modified by installing a performance computer chip, which reprograms the onboard computer for maximum power output. This installation is relatively simple and does not require making any modifications to the engine. Another method of increasing horsepower via the fuel system is to install a nitrous oxide injection system. Nitrous oxide is a chemical agent that enhances combustion, and an injection kit allows the driver to add nitrous oxide to the fuel line with the press of a button.

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