How to Increase the Horsepower on a Ford V6

by Kurt Larsen
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For many people, increasing the horsepower of a Ford V6 engine seems as if it would be confusing, expensive or a combination of both. It's possible to increase the horsepower of a V6 by making relatively small, inexpensive modifications. By adhering to the following suggestions, you can drastically increase the power of your engine, to the point where it will be able to measure up to a V8; something many people don't believe to be possible.

Step 1

Install a cold air intake into your V6. While this will not cause a massive gain, it will augment the other modifications you are making, and will add aesthetic value to your vehicle. Cold air intakes can be purchased quite inexpensively, especially through wholesalers. Removing the factory box and replacing it with an aftermarket cold air intake will help to keep your engine cool, which inevitably will lead to more horsepower.

Step 2

Install an aftermarket ECU chip by replacing the factory chip in your vehicle. Factory chips are conservative in that they don't allow you to take full advantage of the horsepower of the V6. Aftermarket ECU chips are easy to find and install, and generally don't cost very much to purchase.

Step 3

Install an aftermarket exhaust system, replacing the factory exhaust. This will make the biggest difference in your vehicle's horsepower, as the factory exhaust system has nowhere near the potential of an aftermarket exhaust. Aftermarket exhaust systems usually have much longer piping than factory exhausts, which can be quite beneficial to horsepower and can help the engine to perform more efficiently. While installing an aftermarket exhaust system will usually be more expensive than making the other modifications, it will have a large impact on the overall power of the engine.

Step 4

Install underdrive pulleys. This will not only increase horsepower, but gas mileage and torque as well. Pulleys work by reducing drag on the belts that connect to the engine, which in turn allows it to perform more efficiently.

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