Signs & Symptoms of a Bad Diesel Fuel Pump

by Jennifer Brister
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If you are experiencing difficulties with your diesel car or truck, it might have something to do with a bad diesel fuel pump. There are a few signs and symptoms that are specific to this problem that signal it is time for a fuel pump replacement.

High-Pitched Sound

A high-pitched sound when your vehicle is just started is one sign of a bad diesel fuel pump. Because different pumps make different sounds, you might hear anything from a whistling noise to a high-pitched, scraping sound. This is one of the best indicators of a bad fuel pump; investigate it immediately.

Trouble Accelerating

If your vehicle suddenly has trouble accelerating, it could indicate a bad fuel pump. This sometimes happens when the pump is not supplying adequate or even amounts of fuel.

Low Fuel Pressure

If your fuel pump is malfunctioning, it may not maintain the proper pressure. This low pressure can cause your vehicle not to start, even though the starter is functioning properly. You might also find that you have to crank your car two or more times for it to start and stay running.

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