How to Replace a 7.3L Fuel Pump

by James Marshall

A 7.3-liter engine is most common in Ford Super Duty trucks manufactured from 1995 to 2002. These vehicles have a Ford Power Stroke engine, which is a diesel engine with fuel injection that is typically turbocharged. The fuel pump for this engine must keep the fuel at high pressure in order for the fuel injectors to function properly. The fuel pump for a 7.3-liter Ford Power Stroke engine is accessible from below the vehicle.

Step 1

Disconnect the cables to the negative battery terminals on both batteries with a socket wrench. This will prevent anyone from starting the engine during the fuel pump replacement.

Step 2

Place a gasoline container under the drain valve on the fuel rail. Open the valve to release the fuel pressure in the fuel system. Raise the vehicle and support it on jack stands. Close the drain valve.

Step 3

Detach the electrical connector on the rear of the fuel pump. Remove the retaining clip on the fuel line, and disconnect the fuel line from the fuel pump.

Step 4

Remove the retaining clip for the brake lines, and disconnect the brake lines from the bracket of the fuel pump. Loosen the pinch bolt for the fuel pump mounting bracket with a socket wrench. Spread the fuel pump mounting bracket open and detach the fuel pump.

Step 5

Install the new fuel pump into its mounting bracket and tighten the pinch bolt to 13 foot-lbs with a torque wrench. Connect the brake line to the fuel pump mounting bracket with the retaining clip. Attach the fuel line and electrical connector to the fuel pump.

Step 6

Lower the vehicle and connect the negative battery cables with a socket wrench. Start the engine and check for fuel leaks.

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