How to Change a Fuel Pump in a Toyota Corolla

by Allan RobinsonUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Fuel pump kit

  • Socket wrench set

  • Torque wrench

The Toyota Corolla fuel pump is electric, so the fuses and relays should be checked before looking at the fuel pump itself. If the fuel tank is not empty but the engine is still having trouble getting fuel, the fuel pump may need to be cleaned or replaced. The Toyota Corolla comes in a variety of styles and trim levels, and this may determine the type of replacement fuel pump.

Choose a new fuel pump for the Toyota Corolla. This will require knowledge of the make and model, engine size and engine type. A Toyota Corolla may have one of the following engines: 2.0 L S/C LSJI4; 2.0 L Turbo LNFI4; 2.2 L L61I4; 2.2 L LAPI4; or 2.4 L LE5I4.

Prepare the vehicle for fuel pump servicing. Relieve the fuel system pressure and disconnect the negative battery cable with a socket wrench. Wait at least 90 seconds on vehicles equipped with an air bag before doing anything else.

Access the fuel pump by removing the bottom of the rear seat. Open the service hole in the rear floor. Take out the bolts that hold the fuel tank set plate to the fuel tank and remove the fuel pump assembly.

Disconnect the fuel pump sender and electrical connection for the fuel pump. Remove the outlet tube and return the tube from the fuel pump bracket. Separate the bracket from the fuel tank and pull the lower part of the fuel pump away from the bracket. Disconnect the fuel hose and rubber cushion from the fuel pump. Remove the small clip that holds the fuel filter to the pump.

Install the new fuel pump using the items included in the kit, and be sure to replace the rubber cushion and clip. Use a torque wrench to tighten the attaching bolts for the fuel tank set to 30 in. lbs.

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