How Do I Change the Fuel Pump on an Intrepid?

by Dan Ferrell
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A worn pump bearing, failed pressure relief valve, leaking check valve and other inoperative fuel pump components can abnormally increase or decrease fuel pressure on the system. Either way, you will need to change the pump to restore engine performance. Here we will follow the necessary steps to replace the fuel electric pump based on a 2004 V6 2.7L engine, which is similar to other models.

Step 1

Relieve the fuel pressure system. Remove the gas filler cap and start the engine. Let the engine idle while removing the fuel pump relay or fuse from the fuse box. Wait a few seconds until the engine stalls, then crank the engine for about 3 seconds to relieve the remaining pressure from the system.

Step 2

Remove the rear seat from the vehicle, unplug the fuel pump assembly electrical connector located under the seat and disconnect the black (negative) battery cable.

Step 3

Raise the rear of the vehicle using a floor jack and support it safely on jack stands.

Step 4

Place a catch pan under the fuel tank and remove the drain plug from the tank using a wrench or ratchet and socket to empty the tank. Reinstall the drain plug.

Step 5

Disconnect the stabilizer bar brackets from the vehicle body and move the bar out of the way towards the rear of the car.

Step 6

Set the floor jack underneath the fuel tank to support it as you get ready to lower the tank.

Step 7

Disconnect the tank supporting straps starting at the passenger side. Lower the tank and disconnect the purge and vent lines.

Step 8

Disconnect the fuel line from the pump assembly by pressing the quick connector on the pump module. Push in the connector and then pull the line away to disengage the line. Slide the fuel pump module electrical connector lock to unlock it; push the connector retainer down and then pull it from the module to disconnect it.

Step 9

Remove the lock nut from the fuel pump module using special tool #6856, which you can buy from the dealer. Lift the pump module off the tank and remove the O-ring seal from the tank. Install the new fuel pump in the module assembly.

Step 10

Clean the fuel pump module mounting area and place a new O-ring fuel pump seal. Set the fuel module in the tank and align the module flange tabs with the notches on the fuel tank. Tighten the lock nut, being careful not to over tighten the lock.

Step 11

Connect the fuel pump electrical connector, purge, vent and fuel lines. Raise the fuel tank slightly with the jack, if necessary, to connect all the lines, then raised the tank to its mounting position and reconnect the tank straps, filler tube and stabilizer bar.

Step 12

Lower the car and plug the electrical connect located underneath the rear seat. Install the rear seat, fuel pump relay and negative battery cable. Refill the tank, start the engine and check for leaks.

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