How to Repair Car Power Windows

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Car power windows are great unless they won't open. Unlike old-fashioned crank windows, power windows depend on their motor to move up and down. When the motor goes bad, the window stays closed. This makes life in a drive through society pretty challenging, so here's a few easy steps to get your window moving again.

Unscrew the negative battery cable from your car's motor. Look for the battery near the front left side under the hood.

Remove the interior door panel. Take off any trim pieces and set aside before removing any screws or bolts. Rock and pry the door panel loose from the retaining brackets after removing any screws holding it in place.

Disconnect the power door lock wiring and the power window wiring.

Test the power window wiring with a multi-meter. This will tell you right away if the problem is with the power window motor. Also test the switch wiring to see if that's the problem.

Check the fuses that operate the power windows to see if they need changing.

Take off the power window motor by loosening the retaining bolts that connect it to the door.

Put the new motor in place and test it with the multi-meter to make sure it's operational before putting the door back together.


  • check Check the fuse box prior to removing any other working part to make sure the repair is a simple fuse change.
  • check Purchase a Chilton's repair manual before attempting any auto repair on your vehicle.

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