Why Does My Car Window Go Down Slowly?

by Jay Motes
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A car window that moves slowly can be quite annoying, and if not fixed may stop working altogether. A power window may move slowly for a number or reasons, however most fixes for a slow power window are quick and inexpensive.

Low Battery

A low battery may make the power windows move slowly. A low battery will typically affect all of the windows and may be noted in the operation of other electrical devices, as well. A car with a low battery should be tested at a repair or parts store to determine the source of the problem.


The power window is held by a metal or plastic frame that is moved by a small electric motor in the door of the automobile. Both the motor and the moving parts of the frame may lose lubrication and bind. Cleaning the motor's electrical contacts and applying new lubrication to moving parts may make the window work properly.

Physical Blockage

Power windows run up and down through a tight gasket in the window. This gasket is designed to seal the window both to stop drafts and reduce noise from the outside of the car. These gaskets can become loose or torn and cause problems with the window. The window's frame inside the door can also become lose and bind the window, making it move slowly.

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