How to Repair a Buick LeSabre Window Regulator

by John Johnston

Replacing a window regulator is essentially the same procedure no matter what type of vehicle you own. If the regulator on your Buick LeSabre stops working, it can put your vehicle at risk of being stolen because you are unable to close the window all the way. In addition, your car's interior can be damaged by rain leaking in. To avoid these unfortunate scenarios, you need to repair the problem by removing the window regulator from the door and either reattaching it in the correct way or replacing it altogether with a new one.

Open up the door which has the damaged regulator. Locate the mounting screws which attach the door panel to the inside of the door. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver and pull it away from the door. Take care not to damage it because you will need to reattach it later.

Remove the screws attached to the door handle and the door handle trim. Remove both of them from the door. Unhook the linkage arm which connects the rest of the door handle assembly using your fingers. Remove the entire assembly from the door. This will provide better access to the window regulator.

Locate the hex bolts which connect the window to the window regulator. Remove them using a hex wrench. Place a wooden block underneath the window or have someone hold it firmly in place so that it doesn't fall down and smash against the frame.

Remove the lower mounting bolts from the regulator with a wrench and remove it from the door.

Insert the new regulator, or reattach the old one, by first attaching the lower mounting bolts to make sure it is firmly in place. Line up the hex bolt holes on the window with those on the regulator and join them together with the previously removed bolts. Reattach the rest of the previously removed door assembly by following the removal steps in reverse.

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