How to Rent a Truck With a Driver

by J. Johnson

When you need to rent a truck, it can be a challenge to find a truck rental company that fits your needs. But it's even more challenging to find a truck driver that can safely and efficiently drive your rented truck where it needs to go. There are several things you should keep in mind when looking for a truck rental company that will rent you a truck and a driver to move your personal belongings.

Start by finding reputable truck rental companies that also provide drivers. You can do an Internet search, such as "need to rent a truck and driver," or you can look in your local Yellow Pages. Websites like also offer directories of truck rental companies. Make a list of companies in your area that rent trucks and provide truck drivers.

Contact each truck rental company on your list, and ask them questions about their rates, truck sizes they offer, and the credentials of their drivers. Be wary of a truck rental company that hesitates to offer this information.

Make sure you ask each truck rental company about what type of training their drivers must go through. Handling a truck can be difficult, and there are certain techniques a driver must learn to drive a truck safely, such as proper steering, reducing speed, and using caution when passing other vehicles. Truck rental companies should require their drivers to take a special course in truck driving safety, and they should require all drivers to have a clean driving record.

Visit the truck rental company before renting a truck with a driver. Never rent a truck over the phone or online before visiting the company. Make sure the facility is clean and that the trucks appear to be in good condition with minimal rust spots and no body damage. Talk with the staff, and ask any questions you might have. Staff members should always be courteous and respectful during your visit.

Meet with some of the truck drivers if possible. While you're at the truck rental company, find out if you can meet with some of the drivers. You can find out a lot just by having a friendly conversation. Ask them questions about their training and their overall experience working for the truck rental company. Trust your instincts. If something seems off about the facility or the drivers, move on to the next company.

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