How to Remove a Tahoe Headrest

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

All headrests in the Chevrolet Tahoe are removable, no matter what model-year you have. A common complaint is the second or third-row seating "blind spot" caused by the headrests. if this affects you, it is possible to remove the headrests without modifying your Tahoe.


Raise the headrest. If your Tahoe is a 1999 to 2006 model, simply lift the headrest to raise it to the highest position.

If your Tahoe is a 2007 to 2010 model, push the button on the side of the headrest (front seats only) and lift to raise it.


Insert a pick-tool (you can also use a straightened paper clip) into the headrest release pin. The release pin is located inside a small hole at the base of the headrest.


Remove the headrest. With the release pin depressed, the headrest comes off with ease.


  • You do not need a pick-tool to reinstall the headrest; simply push the headrest arms back into the mount; they will lock automatically.


  • Although the front headrests are removable as well, Chevrolet does not recommend driving without them because they can provide protection in the event of an accident.

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