How to Remove Saturn Seats

by Jess Kroll

At some point during the life of a Saturn automobile it may be necessary to remove one of the seats. Saturn seats are easy to remove, although unwieldy to handle once detached. Before removing a seat, place the car on a level surface with enough clearance to move around the open doors. Since removal takes a little time, make sure the car is either in an covered area or that weather conditions will be clear during the process.

Open the door on the side you wish to remove the seat from. Push the seat all the way back as far as it can go. Locate the two bolts securing the seat track to the car floor.

Remove the bolts using the ratchet with the correct socket. Place the bolts where they won't get lost.

Pull the seat as far forward as possible. Open the rear door on the same side of the car. Locate the two bolts securing the rear of the seat track to the car floor. Use the ratchet and socket to remove these two bolts.

Lift the front of the seat upwards, tilting it back, to check for any connections between the bottom of the seat and the rest of the car. If you see any, locate the connector tab and detach the cable from the seat.

Push the back of the seat forward as far as it will go while lifting the front of the seat so it folds over itself. Place one hand on the back of the seat and one at the bottom to lift and pull the seat from out the door. Be careful when lifting as seats can be heavy. Lift with your legs, not with your back.

Repeat these steps on the other side of the car if both seats need to be removed.

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