How to Remove a Mustang Back Seat

by Julia Fuller

Removing the back seat from your Mustang can eliminate around 30 lbs. of weight, depending on the year and model. Mustang enthusiasts are always looking for ways to speed up their quarter-mile by reducing weight. You could purchase an after-market rear seat delete kit to install after removing your back seat. Of course, these add some weight back to the car--but improve the overall appearance. Some enthusiasts design their own or just lay some carpet.

Mustang back seat

Feel under the back bench-seat about 12-inches in from each side. Your hand should bump into a white button. Use your fingers to press in the button.

Push button--bench pops up

The bottom of the bench seat hould pop right up. Then you can pull the seat out. You can use a Phillips screwdriver and run it under the edge back and forth if the seat doesn't come out easily.

Remove the bench part of the rear seat from the car.

Pull the backs of the rear seat down to reveal 3 bolts that hold each of the two headrests into place. Remove the 5/16-inch bolts that are holding each headrest into place. Pull each headrest out of the car.

Find the two 10mm bolts, one on each side of the back seat at the top, that secure the top of the back seat bracket to the car. Remove these bolts.

Remove two more bolts located on the bottom corners. You should be able to lift up and pull out the rest of the rear seat. Convertibles may have three or more push pins that you need to remove from where the seat cushion meets the panel, one is located toward the top and the other is half way down.

Mustang GT 2007 5 speed

Remove the rest of the back seat, being careful not scratch the interior. Install carpet, plywood, or rear seat delete kit if you desire.


  • check Some people remove the spare tire and rear seatbelts, in addition to the back seat, to total over 100 lbs. less car weight.


  • close Be careful not to scratch your car when removing back seat parts. You may want to pad some areas before removal.

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