How to Remove a Corvette C4 Drive Shaft

by Jeffrey Caldwell

The driveshaft, also known as a propeller shaft, on a C4 Corvette is the long tube that takes power generated by the engine and delivers it to the rear wheels. The drive shaft must be removed if you wish to remove the transmission on your Corvette. In addition, vehicles that have been modified to increase horsepower or traction may have problems with the driveshaft failing. Removing a driveshaft on a C4 Corvette can be done with a few simple tools in a matter of hours.

Remove the Exhaust System

Step 1

Disconnect the ground cable from the negative battery terminal by loosening the retaining bolt and pulling the clamp off the negative terminal.

Step 2

Raise the vehicle and support it with with jack stands placed underneath the frame.

Step 3

Disconnect the head pipes from the exhaust manifolds by removing the three bolts at the rear of the exhaust manifold on each side of the engine.

Step 4

Disconnect the exhaust hangers from the body by sliding the rubber hangers off their retaining posts.

Remove the exhaust system as a complete assembly.

Remove the Driveshaft

Step 1

Support the transmission with a jack stand placed underneath the rear tail-housing.

Step 2

Remove the bolts, washers and nuts that secure the driveshaft support beam to the vehicle. Remove the driveshaft support beam from the vehicle.

Step 3

Use white paint or chalk to mark the relationship of the driveshaft to the pinion yoke (the part of the rear axle that connects to the driveshaft universal joint). When you reinstall the driveshaft it must be installed in the same relative position.

Step 4

Remove the nuts, bolts and straps that connect the universal joint to the pinion yoke.

Step 5

Place a waste oil collection pan underneath the rear of the transmission. Fluid might leak out once you remove the driveshaft.

Step 6

Slide the driveshaft toward the rear of the vehicle to disengage it from the transmission.

Once the driveshaft is clear of the transmission you can remove it from the vehicle.

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