How to Release the Headlight Covers on a Ford Explorer

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Ford Explorer headlight bulbs are not accessible when the headlight assembly is attached to the vehicle. In order to replace a bulb, you'll need to remove the headlight. The Explorer's headlights are secured by retaining pins. Once these are opened, the Explorer's headlights will release with ease. Follow basic automotive safety rules (engine off, wear gloves) to prevent bodily injury or damage to your Explorer.


Switch the headlights off and open the hood.


Locate the two retaining pins on the backside of the headlight assembly (two pins on each headlight).


Pull the pins all the way up with a pair of pliers to release the headlights from their mount.


Grasp the headlight and pull it away from the Explorer.


Turn the bulb module on the back counterclockwise to release the bulb and wiring harness from the headlight assembly.


  • check To replace the headlight assembly, connect the bulb module (clockwise to lock it) and insert the headlight back in its mount. Push the retaining pins all the way down to secure the headlight.

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