How to Adjust the Headlights on a Chevy Cavalier

by Alibaster Smith

The headlights on a Chevy Cavalier must be readjusted when you replace the headlight assembly. There are two screws on the headlight assembly that adjust the headlights. The vertical adjustment screw, which is located on the top of the housing, adjusts the headlights up and down. The horizontal adjustment screw moves the headlights left and right.


Park the Cavalier so that the car's headlights are facing a flat surface, such as a wall, from 15 feet away.


Open the hood and locate the adjustment screws on the headlight assembly. The adjustment screw on the top of the headlight assembly moves the headlights up and down. The adjustment screw on the inside edge of the housing moves the headlights left and right.


Turn the headlights on.


Turn the top adjustment screw with a crosspoint screwdriver until the headlight beam is below the driver's eye level.


Turn the horizontal headlight screw so that the headlight beam shines in front of, and slightly toward the center of the vehicle.

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