How to Adjust the Headlights in a Pontiac

by Daniel Valladares
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Although most Pontiac vehicles already come out of the factory with the headlights adjusted, there may be situations that call for more adjustments to be made to the vehicle's headlights, including a recent accident. Adjusting the headlights on any Pontiac vehicle is quite simple.

Step 1

Park the vehicle exactly 25 feet away from a blank wall with its headlights facing towards the wall. Use the tape measure to measure the exact distance.

Step 2

Use the tape to mark a spot on the wall that matches up with the exact center of the headlight you wish to adjust. It may be easier to use the tape measure and stretch it from the headlight to the wall in order to mark the spot.

Step 3

Turn off the vehicle, but leave the keys in the ignition so that headlights can still be used.

Step 4

Open the hood of the vehicle and locate the two Torx screws above each headlight. The screw closest to the engine adjusts the vertical movements while the other screw adjusts the horizontal movement.

Step 5

Use the Torx socket wrench to adjust the screws. The headlights should be shining directly on the tape marking on the wall. Adjust the headlights until the the center of the beams is lined up with the spot on the wall. Close the hood when done.

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