How to Adjust Jetta Headlights

by Alibaster Smith

Your Volkswagen Jetta headlights can be adjusted at any time, but normally only need to be adjusted when you replace the headlights with new housing assemblies that do not come pre-adjusted from the factory. The headlights on your Jetta have two adjustment screws. The vertical adjustment screw is on the top of the headlight housing. The horizontal or lateral adjustment screw is on the inside edge of the headlight housing.

Step 1

Park the Jetta so that it faces a closed garage door, 25 feet away.

Step 2

Turn on the headlights and open the hood.

Step 3

Turn the vertical adjustment screw on the top of the headlight housing until the center of the headlight beam is positioned at the bottom of the garage door where the door meets the ground. Turning the adjustment screw counter-clockwise will adjust the headlight up while turning it clockwise will adjust it downwards.

Step 4

Turn the lateral adjustment screw on the inside edge of each housing assembly until the headlights overlap by 50 percent. Turning the adjustment screw clockwise will turn the headlights to the left, while turning it counter-clockwise will move the headlights to the right.

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