How to Adjust a Headlight on a Dodge Truck

by Matt Scheer
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Although there are many Dodge Truck models, including the Cummins, the Ram and the Durango, they all share a similar process for adjusting the headlights. This involves turning two adjustment pins with a torx bit wrench. In the Dodge Cummins, the adjustment pins sit inside a weather protector. Otherwise the pins are visible almost as soon as you open the hood. This is good news, especially when the headlights need to be aimed to improve road visibility.

Step 1

Park your Dodge truck directly in front of a garage door or other flat wall.

Step 2

Place a horizontal and vertical strip of tape in a cross-mark on the wall directly in front of each headlight that is to be adjusted.

Step 3

Place a strip of tape 25 feet in front of the wall on the ground. Reverse your Dodge truck until the front headlights line up directly with that strip of tape on the ground. Turn your headlights on and prop open the hood.

Step 4

Turn the torx pin on the top of the headlight to aim the vertical dimension and the torx pin on the inner side of the headlight to aim the lateral dimension. Adjust the pins until each beam hits the wall 2 inches below and inward of the corresponding taped cross-mark.

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