How to Adjust the Headlights on a Ram 3500

by Matt Scheer
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If the headlights on your Dodge Ram 3500 are throwing light into the eyes of oncoming traffic and illuminating the night sky better than the road, you should adjust their aim. Fortunately, Dodge has designed the headlight assemblies so that adjusting is a simple process. There are two adjustment screws on each headlight assembly that control the vertical and horizontal aim of each headlight. Expect to spend about half an hour adjusting your headlights.

Step 1

Park your Ram 3500 directly in front of a flat vertical surface such as a garage door or wall.

Step 2

Measure the height from the ground to the center of the headlights and place a strip of tape at this height on the wall in front of each headlight.

Step 3

Place a vertical strip of tape on the wall directly in front of the vertical center of each headlight. This action creates tape targets on the wall for aiming the headlight beams.

Step 4

Measure 25 feet away from the wall and place a strip of tape on the ground marking that point. Back up the Ram 3500 so the headlights line up above the tape on the ground. Turn on the headlights and prop open the hood.

Step 5

Find the two adjustment screws on each headlight assembly. They are both near the back of the top of the assembly. Aim the beams so that they hit 2 inches to the right and below the lower portion of their corresponding wall target, ensuring the headlight beams hit the road and not other drivers.

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