How do I Adjust Spyder Headlights?

by Matt Scheer

Spyder headlights feature two adjustment screws for each headlight assembly. The top adjustment screw on the rear of the Spyder headlight controls the vertical aim of the low and high beams. The bottom adjustment screw controls the horizontal aim of the low and high beams. These screws require no special tools to use and are readily visible on the headlight housing. For this reason it shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes to adjust your Spyder headlights.

Step 1

Park your vehicle directly in front of a wall or closed garage door.

Step 2

Measure the distance from the ground to the horizontal center of the headlights and place a strip of horizontal tape on the wall directly in front of each headlight at this same height.

Step 3

Place a strip of vertical tape on the wall in front of the vertical center of each headlight to create two tape targets to use to aim your Spyder headlights.

Step 4

Measure 25 feet away from the wall, place tape on the ground there, and reverse your vehicle until the Spyder headlights are directly above the tape on the ground. Prop open the hood.

Step 5

Pry off the cowling covering the top and bottom adjustment screws on the rear of each headlight assembly using your screwdriver. The cowling looks like a small, black, circular, rubber cap.

Step 6

Turn on your headlights.

Step 7

Adjust the aim of the headlights so that the high-intensity portion of the low and high beams hit the wall 2 inches below and to the right of the center of the tape targets on the wall. Aiming to the right of the center of the target ensures that the headlight beams illuminate the street signs on your right and do not blind oncoming traffic on your left. Aiming below the central horizontal line ensures that the headlight beams hit the ground in front of your car rather than radiate straight forward.

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