How to Adjust Toyota Headlights

by Matt Scheer
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Each Toyota vehicle features one of two kinds of processes for adjusting the headlight: one that allows you to adjust the low and high beams separately, and one that resuires you to adjust the low and high beams at the same time. The Camry and Solara, for example, feature headlights that adjust both the low and high beams simultaneously, whereas a Tacoma features separate adjustments. In either case, the vehicle can come with different headlight assemblies that may or may not allow for individual adjustment. Despite this variety, the process for adjusting the headlights is similar for nearly all Toyotas.

Step 1

Park your Toyota directly in front of a wall or other vertical surface, such as a garage door.

Step 2

Place a horizontal strip of tape on the wall directly in front of each headlight assembly. Place a vertical strip of tape through the horizontal strip directly in front of each headlight assembly, creating a cross shape that will serve as a target for your headlight beams.

Step 3

Measure 25 feet in front of the wall with your tape measure, and place a strip of tape at that point. Back up your Toyota until the headlights sit directly over that strip of tape. Turn on your headlights, and prop open the hood.

Step 4

Look for the adjustment screws, bolts or sprockets on the headlight assembly. Camrys and Solaras come with adjustment screws, whereas the Tacoma pickup truck features bolts you must turn with an 8-mm socket wrench. Adjust these screws, bolts or sprockets with a crescent wrench, screwdriver or socket wrench to change the vertical and horizontal aim of the headlight beams.

Step 5

Aim both the low and high beams so that they hit within 2 inches below their corresponding cross-mark target on the wall.

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