How to Adjust the Headlight on a Suzuki Vitara

by Matt Scheer

Unlike many vehicles, the Suzuki Vitara has a geared knob behind the headlight that allows you to adjust the height of the headlight beam. This features makes adjusting the angle of the headlight a simple process. The main difficulty is ensuring that the headlights are aimed slightly downward so that they do not blind other drivers. To do this you have to make some tedious measurements. Still, the entire process shouldn't take you more than half an hour, if that.

Step 1

Park your Suzuki Vitara directly in front of a flat, vertical surface. The closer you can get, the better.

Step 2

Place a strip of tape on the wall in front of each headlight.

Step 3

Measure 25 feet from the wall with the tape measure and mark the spot with a strip of tape. Reverse the Suzuki Vitara until the headlights are directly above the tape you put on the ground.

Step 4

Turn on the headlights and open the hood. Look for the small, geared knob behind each headlight. Turn this knob clockwise to lower the beam and in reverse to raise it. Aim the beam so that it hits less than 2 inches below the strip of tape on the wall.

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