How to Adjust Ford Van Headlights

by Matt Scheer

Although Ford produces many brands of vans, including the Econovan, the E-series, the Endeavor and the Windstar, with regard to adjustments, these models have essentially two kinds of headlights: with or without separate adjustments for the low and high beams. Despite all this variety, the good news is that the procedure for adjusting both kinds of headlights is very similar.

Step 1

Park your Ford van directly in front of a wall.

Step 2

Place a vertical and horizontal strip of tape on the wall in front of each headlight. These strips form a cross-shape that acts as a vertical and horizontal target for your headlight. Measure the distance from the ground to the center of the headlight. Place the horizontal strips of tape on the wall at this height. Because of tire pressure and weight changes on your Ford van, this height will be a little different each time you adjust your headlights.

Step 3

Measure 20 feet away from the wall and place a strip of tape on the ground to mark the spot.

Step 4

Back up the Ford van until the headlights lie directly over the strip of tape on the ground. Turn on the headlights and pop open the hood.

Step 5

Look on the top and the rear of your headlights to see whether you have adjustment screws, bolts or sprockets. Turn adjustment screws using the Phillips head screwdriver; turn adjustment bolts with a crescent wrench; and turn the sprocket with either your hand or a flat head screwdriver wedged against side tabs for leverage. Adjusting these screws, bolts and sprockets changes the horizontal and vertical aim of the headlight.

Aim the headlight so that it hits within 2 inches below and inside the corresponding cross-mark target on the wall, ensuring that the headlights angle downward and do not blind other drivers while also illuminating much of the road.

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